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Since I was a young boy, I've always enjoyed working with my hands and helping my dad with his woodworking projects. I still enjoy woodworking today and use those skills to build and repair clock cases.

Right out of high school I joined the U.S. Air Force and spent six years on active duty working with munitions and aircraft armament systems on fighter jets and bombers. After being honorably discharged from the Air Force, I relocated to Waukesha, Wisconin and found work at a power distribution transformer manufacturer while receiving a two-year degree in Tool & Die. After graduation, I returned to Northeast Iowa.

I am now a journeyman Tool & Die Maker with almost 30 years of experience. I’ve been repairing clocks since 2005. My Tool & Die experience has been invaluable to my experience working on clocks. I am a member of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors (NAWCC) and also a member of the American Watch and Clock Institute (AWCI).