clock movement restoration

To bring the clock movement back to working condition:

1. The movement must be disassembled and all the parts cleaned;

2. The pivots must be filed and burnished to produce a round, straight and polished surface;

3. The original centerline location of the worn pivot hole must be determined and the worn hole reamed, then a brass bushing is installed in the plate;

4. The bushing hole is then broached to fit the newly resurfaced pivot.

Note: Some repair shops do not disassemble the movement for repair and may use a Rathburn bushing, which is a small brass plate with a pivot hole and a screw hole. The Rathburn bushing is attached to the outside of the plate using a screw or soldered on. Other repairs shops may choose to use a center punch to make punches around the hole to try to close the hole on the worn side. Once again this is done so the repair person doesn’t have to take the movement apart to repair. These types of repairs have no place in quality clock repair.

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